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協會源起 / 紀 政 榮譽理事長的話


紀 政 榮譽理事長 在2008年號召業界同好,秉持著好技術與大家分享的理念,共同成立了『台灣肌內效協會』(於2012年更名為『中華肌內效貼紮協會』)。期盼有更多的志同道合者一同加入『肌內效家族』,期許『肌內效心法』廣傳於普羅大眾。



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  因 為曼谷亞運時造成的運動傷害,讓我痛憾而結束長期努力奉獻的運動員生涯。十五年前我因機緣認識了肌內效貼布,發現不只是運動傷害,還有職業傷害都很需要這無藥無害的工具及技術,如果當年已發明這貼布,或許我的選手生涯就不會提早結束!因此我將它引進台灣,開始了我的肌內效不歸路。


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    有 感於這是一個技術性工具,需要專業的教育支持,我於是成立『中華肌內效貼紮協會』,期盼成為培育人才的搖籃。由以往外國講者的技術傳授,到現在台灣的物理治療師已是青出於藍勝於藍,我感到相當欣慰,也非常感謝物理治療的大家長簡文仁理事長及多位物理治療師們自創會起的支持及付出,讓我更有信心相信我的決定是正確的!




Because of the sports injury caused in 6th Asian Game, I regretfully ended up my long-term athlete career I dedicated to. Fifteen years ago, I was acquainted Kinesiology Tape with a wonderful chance, and found that people with not only sports Injuries but also occupational injuries will need such non-drug non-harm tools and techniques. I always think that my athlete career would not end up quite early if this tape was developed then! So, I imported it to Taiwan, started up my road of no return of Kinesiology Taping.

Kinesiology Tape is a technical tool; it should be used by professional education. We therefore established “Chinese Kinesiology Taping Association” which was expected to cultivate more and more professionals. Initially we invited foreign lecturers to teach us the techniques, and so far the physical therapists in Taiwan have excelled. I’m so glad for these and thanks for Chien Wen-Ren, the master in Taiwan physical therapy area, and all physical therapists who supported and dedicated since we developed this association. These professionals make me believe that what I’ve decided is right.

“Health is more important than leisure and money” is my favorite maxim, so my friends always laugh at me “No wonder you haven’t made a profit yet!” “Only the best is good enough” is a principle I followed, I don’t recognize someone as master because everyone can become master! Therefore, I would like to give the best tape to our people in Taiwan, to provide the most safe and best tools, to promote fine techniques, to cultivate more professionals. This is just my aspirations for Kinesiology Taping, my wealth as well. I would like to share it with everyone!


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